Monday, 19 September 2011

PICTURES: Behind The Scenes Of Westlife's Album Photoshoot

The Lads (And Gillian) Have Been Uploading pictures from behind the scenes of their photoshoot for the new album.

@MarkusFeehily: Heres one for the @nickybyrneoffic fans!

@MarkusFeehily: Haha and now the @KianEganWL fans!

@nickybyrneoffic: Sneaky pick from photoshoot

@Gillfilanoffic: It’s a tough life….


@KianEganWL: Check out this location that me and they boys are at for our new photo shoot!

Westlife also did some recording for their new single last saturday,Nicky upload this picture!

@nickybyrneoffic: ISDN recording from SA to LA 2day with @johnshanks1 for our new single ! Note @MarkusFeehily hiding the title

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