Fan Of The Month

November 2011 - Cheryl Hudson

The Reason She Wanted To Be 'Fan Of The Month': 

I've bought hot tickets glasgow & golden tickets for croke!! Going to dublin for a long weekend to celebrate westlife♥ will be my 23 gig!

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October 2011 - Joanna Watkiss

The Reason She Wanted To Be 'Fan Of The Month': 

I've brought all 4 albums signed, deluxe, ect, DVD, tickets 4 next years tour + hopin 2 get a group 2gether 4 SLIGO 2

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There Was No 'Fan Of The Month' In August&September!

July 2011 - Francesca Marie Kelley

The Reason She Wanted To Be 'Fan Of The Month': 

The reason why i think i deserve fan of the month(july) is I AM WESTLIFE'S BIGGEST FAN!!! I've seen them 327 times now but unfortunately not got to meet them yet but next tour i am determined to meet them,they are an amazing band and i cant wait to see them for another 13 years.I have a 5 year old boy and he loves westlife wherever we go in the car we must play a westlife album, im so happy to be fan of the month as westlife now been together 13years!!!!My mum is also a massive fan and i enjoy going to the concerts with her and my fiancee,roll on next tour i will meet you guys!!

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June 2011 - Samantha Smith

The reason she wanted to be 'Fan Of The Month':
I have spent 12 years, attended 18 concerts and just loved having the boys in my life. Their music and their great looks and personalities have got me through good times such as getting married, having a baby but also bad times, such as getting divorced, losing 2 of my grandparents to cancer and low times! I work in events and In September 2010 my company was offered to provide the live production element of the launch of the new conference centre in Dublin. Being a well known fan to everyone in our business and being one of the most experienced I was given the opportunity to manage the boys requirements for the event. I didn't sleep for 3 nights prior out of excitement and anxiety! So I finally got to meet them but didn't want to be seen to be a fan as I was in a professional role! They were everything I had ever imagined but can't help to think it was a bit of a missed opportunity! Great guys and great music, love having them in my life :) xx 

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MAY 2011 - Cáoimhe Bunting
The reason she wanted to be 'Fan Of The Month': 
Because i get your tweets to my phone . Went to my 9th concert this year and always ask for quizs. :)

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