Sunday, 28 August 2011

Shane First Tweet On Gillians Twitter Page!

Shane High jacked Gillian's twitter page and made his first official tweet!

|Hello everybody Shane here.. This is first time to Tweet:-)!!Can't believe my wife is on twitter !! She's so excited , it's so cute!

And Gillian has also been tweeting about Shane!

|Shane and I are amazed at the messages from all over the world....! He is enjoying reading them with me..

|Morning ...! Will be a while before I can convince Shane to join..!!!

| p.keav.... Well I never knew u were on twitter...! Do ya think me and u together could get shane on twitter !!

| I think we might be able yo do it ! He seems interested alrite !!! You ll have to give him a crash course ha ha

If you wanna see more of Gillian's tweets and might get lucky if shane tweets follow her at

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